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Delay Spray

STUD 100 Men Delay Spray For Men 100% Original Retarded Ejaculation
STUD 100 THE DEALY SPRAY FOR MEN Usage: delayed time for sex, clearance smegma, clean sex life. Operation method: Use tissue to wipe glans 15 minutes before sex. Press and rub last 3-5 minutes. (After 15 minutes, bathe will not lose effectiveness.) Precautions: 1. can’t use with other medicine 2. skin damaged, alcohol allergy, the nonage forbids to use 3. if you feel unwell, use water to clean. Package: 10ml/bottle Shelf life: 3 years

STUD 100 Men Delay Spray  Prevent Premature Ejaculation 100% Original Retarded Ejaculation

Material: External Herbal Powder Color: BLACK
Weight: 32G Fuction: Penis Enlargement /delay Sex Time
Type: Men Delay Spray, Men Delay Spray Size: 12G