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Penis Enlargement

DUAI Penis Enlargement Cream Increase Bigger Penis Size XXL Titan Gel Cream

Material:Plant Extract
Function:Penis enlargement
Package:Color box

01 First stage

Day 1 to Day 30 Preparation

Physical changes: Sexual sensitivity increases, sexual impulses rise, and the penis and testicles feel warm. The duration of vigorous erection increased significantly.

Penis changes: Rapid erection, increased secretions, firmer, stronger

02 Second stage

30th to 60th days of adjustment

Physical changes: Significant improvement in sex time,
Be careful of excessive indulgence!

Changes in the penis: The penis has a numbing sensation, the urethra is warm, and the glans are full.

03 Third stage

60th to 90th days of development
Physical changes: Sex back to 20 years old, powerful ejaculation, orgasm
Strong pleasure, no sense of fatigue afterwards.

Penis change: strong and powerful, strong thrusting, strong ejaculation pleasure!