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Sex Delay Spray

MK Penis Enlargement Penis increase essential oils

Material: external herbal powde

r size: 20ml /bottle 

fuction: increase men penis enlargement oils 

color: as shown in the figure 

NW: 150g 

expiration date: 3years

 Use skin: penis 

effect: Increase the penis size 3-5cm

Product Details

MK  green increase the thick product!Domestic initiative!Hundreds of men's health experts recommend products!


After nearly ten thousand men verification shows that, using the 3-5 course (a course is three bottles), namely changes dramatically:


1, the number of sperms increase more than 80%, greatly enhance the ability of sperm, semen, semen volume more sticky than before taking increased a lot.


2, the penis enlarged more than 20%, the growth of 2-3 cm, let you be more powerful, more pleasure spot; woman's pleasure is greatly enhanced when sexual intercourse, vaginal secretions, more, more easily achieve orgasm.