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Pheromone Perfume

Attractive pheromone perfume for male or female

Best-selling Pheromone perfume II for men,attractive pheromone perfume for male or female

[Specification] 29ML/ bottle

[Material] alcohol amide , ethoxyethyl laurate, fragrance, Lnc.dba Topco

Sales (TOP special phermone)


1 to attract the opposite sex.

2 excitation of love: love you and ignite the fire, and to enhance the feelings

have been saved!

3 to help the career: use in business activities, the effect of the pheromone

kept them naked in the subconscious impression on you and easier to deal

with you!
4 gain confidence: the use of pheromone subconsciously make the people

around and trust you , and let you be confident. Let your career and personal

life to win success!

pheromone has been patented in the United States, Europe and Japan, and

has been through the safety inspection the United States Federal Food and

drugs, the normal use of any side effects and adverse reaction of the body

does not. Proved by authority, effective up to 90%. For modern men's fashion,

is the best gift!