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Full Silicon Sex Dolls

Inflatable Silicon Sex Doll For Men

2015  hot selling japanese silicone love doll ,lifelike male sex doll inflatable silicone

Product Details

*Net weight:3.5kg
*golden hair
*Toes and nails
*Can bear weight over 300 pounds.

Upscale Hand inflatable tube, condoms, lubricants, repair subsidy. Simulation people wear penis. After inflating penis Wear to the doll then it can be used.
Beckham slugger inflatable doll is designed as if the European popular windows of fashion elements, low-key and simple, but fascinating; casual nature, but without losing the masculine; simple beauty, instantly reveal; silence intrinsic, but interpret for your true sex meaning; own it, can be described as fashion and classic walls, a perfect match!
Beckham is the most handsome of the strongest athletes from generic European arena, the latest simulation seamless the female semi entity inflatable sex doll. After inflating the devil is in line with European handsome, handsome face, handsome nose, silky skin, eyes full of masculinity, as well as complete imitation of the real design nakedness, more humane, realistic, sexy, tall the world's most standard figure. a completely man of women's favorite.